Creative and design

We are not only a creative agency, we combine creative excellence with tech-based solutions. We help brands with their business challenges. If you need a stunning, high-performance digital campaign that ranks highly in the search result, helps you sell more, and generates new business then call us now.

Film production

We have state of the art production facilities, talented teams, and passionate film directors who can definitely create master piece for you.


Brands love us for our commitment, efficiency, and combined spirit which see us delivering 360 production and creative services. No matter what we do, our team of content creators works as a collective, ensuring that every piece of work we produce is authentic.
Over the years, sputnik has become a trusted and much-loved global production company amongst both brands and agency communities.


At sputnik, we produce both 2D and 3D animations, virtual reality videos, and more. We have a high-tech animation studio where we create lovely films for brands, businesses, and advertising agencies across the globe. 


Hold! Before launching any brand, campaign, or communication, please have a conversation with us, we are a global media buying agency and can help you in fashion, fintech, FMCG, real estate, and startups.